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  • EDITORIAL: A glimpse of a normal world - after a jab April 22, 2021
    PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis dangled a carrot yesterday for those still reluctant to get their vaccinations. The world can start getting back to normal – if you’ve had your jab.
  • 04222021 EDITION April 22, 2021
    Thursday, 22nd April, 2021.
  • STATESIDE: George got a rare justice in a system which needs change April 22, 2021
    Derek Chauvin was convicted late Tuesday afternoon by a Minneapolis jury on charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. You might have heard about it.
  • VIDEO: Inclement weather brings waterspouts April 22, 2021
    Incredible footage of waterspouts has been doing the rounds on social media after inclement weather around New Providence shortly before noon on Thursday.
  • NIB staff walkout over COVID fear April 22, 2021
    STAFF of the National Insurance Board, located at the agency’s Blake Road offices, briefly walked off the job yesterday over fears that there was a suspected positive case of COVID-19 in the building.
  • FRONT PORCH: The British Monarchy is an anachronism for sovereign, independent countries like ours April 22, 2021
    One does not have to be a monarchist or a fan of the late Prince Philip to admire the simplicity and beauty of the Order of Service at his brief funeral held at St. George’s Chapel on the Lower Ward at Windsor Castle.
  • Candlelight vigil held for mass shooting victims April 22, 2021
    A CANDLELIGHT vigil was held in the Kemp Road area yesterday for six men who lost their lives in a violent execution in the area last Thursday.
  • Davis: Govt cannot interfere in private contracts April 22, 2021
    IN view of some local businesses mandating a COVID-19 vaccination policy for workers, Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip Davis stated the government cannot intervene in private contracts between ordinary citizens and employers.
  • Senior doctor concerned over new variant discoveries April 22, 2021
    THE detection of new and more infectious COVID-19 variant strains in the country could lead to “serious implications” that could potentially impact the national vaccination campaign, a senior physician warned yesterday.
  • Region sees rise in cases and deaths April 22, 2021
    A PAN American Health Organization official has revealed that over the past week, 1.5 million new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the region with some 40,000 related deaths.
  • Hotel union uneasy about U.S. upgrade to travel warning April 22, 2021
    THE hotel union “is on edge” over the US State Department’s decision to upgrade its travel advisory to level four, warning Americans not to enter The Bahamas.
  • ‘Game changer’ offsets new US travel warning April 22, 2021
    Tourism chiefs yesterday hailed the government’s plans to ease COVID testing for fully vaccinated visitors as a “game changer” that will “offset” the latest US warning against travel to The Bahamas.
  • Banks suffer $145m hit to cover COVID losses April 22, 2021
    The Bahamian commercial banking industry booked $145m in collective provisions last year to cover expected COVID-19 loan losses, the Central Bank’s governor revealed yesterday.
  • PM: ‘I cannot undo home over-pricing’ April 22, 2021
    The prime minister yesterday argued he is unable to undo the inflated prices charged to many homeowners in a government subdivision because their mortgages and title documents are already issued.
  • PI entrepreneur says: ‘Crumbs not enough’ April 22, 2021
    A Bahamian entrepreneur yesterday blasted that “the crumbs are not enough” as he accused the government of employing double standards in how it has treated his project and that of Royal Caribbean.
  • Blaze vendors still wait for help April 22, 2021
    FRUSTRATED Potter’s Cay Dock vendors say they are still waiting to receive the promised assistance from the government more than a week after their stalls were completely destroyed in a fire.
  • Family demand answer on why ‘raped’ inmate held April 22, 2021
    FAMILY of a woman who was allegedly raped while detained at a government facility say they are worried about her welfare while calling for answers and her immediate release.
  • African tourist illegally detained for seven years April 22, 2021
    THE government suffered another defeat in the courts yesterday when it agreed to apologise to an African man who was unlawfully held in detention for nearly seven years after he travelled to The Bahamas from Jamaica for a three week vacation in 2010.
  • PRIZE FOR TAKING THE JAB: Restrictions off for fully vaccinated April 22, 2021
    FULLY vaccinated people can travel to The Bahamas without a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test come May 1, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced yesterday.
  • ‘Catastrophic’ if latest COVID wave runs free April 22, 2021
    The hotel union’s president yesterday warned it would be “catastrophic” for Bahamian tourism and the wider economy if the country fails to control the latest COVID-19 outbreak.