1. Follower of pop singers
2. Maps pop singers may make
3. Group of young female pop singers
4. Emotion that's sung about in many pop songs
5. Brothers known for their close harmony pop songs
6. Number one on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Pop Songs list
7. A dance where all the latest pop songs are played
8. Room where pop songs are recorded
9. Pop music event held annually, Video Music Awards
10. Female megastar, in pop music
11. Chipmunk of pop music
12. Light rock songs
13. Theme of many rock songs
14. Classic rock song used in Goodfellas


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Button Player 1 Player 2
Left Left Num-4
Right Right Num-6
Up Up Num-8
Down Down Num-2
A A Num-7
B S Num-9
Start Enter Num-1
Select Tab Num-3